March 15 Mountain Creek NJ spring women out and shiwing off.

Looked at weather saw forecast for 30 s high in Catskills for Sat same wit hVermount. it got warker then that i heR. I get to the crrek around 330 pm bought ticket for 35$ good frok 3 pm to close 930pm. sun was strong coustomer service agreat cadhier soft snow a little slusy , no lines skiied bith peaks a little styed to 730 then temp droppping a ltlittle. warmest day for me this year i had a litttle on. so many ppl love showing off eith sun akd warm tekps love that great fun here consideribg were i alwas so glad i made it out in Sat. i guess spring and sarm temps kiep ppl from NYC to coming iut.

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