Mohawk Mountain 11/15 & 11/16

Great skiing at Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, Connecticut on both Friday night and all day Saturday. Friday night's conditions were great. They recently opened one of their black diamond runs due to some colder temperatures so that they could make some snow. It was a rather warm Friday night for skiing, but the snow was nice and soft all over the mountain. There were a few patches on Wildwood that were bumpy and rough, but overall better than I had expected.
Friday night, rains passed through and it was ugly on Saturday morning. Still raining out at 8:30am, it was very hard packed and not too fun to ski on. Once the rain stopped in the late morning though, and as people started to ski over it and push around the snow it became easier to ski on.
Here are some pictures from early Saturday morning (looking at Mohawk trail from the Arrowhead lift. Very foggy early on in the day.)
Attached Images

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