Mohawk Mountain 3/7/14

Time Skied: 3:45pm to 8:15pm
Weather: Low 30's and upper 20's, not very cold, no wind, cloudy
Conditions: Loose granular, machine groomed

The mountain was not very crowded, but a decent number of people for a Friday night. The conditions weren't bad (better than last Friday night - 2/28 ), but not great either. Many of the trails had the snow scraped off so you were skiing on ice. However, if you looked hard enough you could find some untouched corduroy or some loose granular to get a grip on and make some nice turns. The trees and ungroomed trails were horrible (as expected). Started off the day by doing a few of the non night skiing trails. Chute was definitely the best trail before it got dark, since it didn't have much ice and was covered with some great packed powder. The narrowness of the trail also offered some challenge. Mohawk, as usual, turned out very icy since many people like to ski it. After a spectacular sunset through the clouds, the best night skiing trail was, no doubt, Timber. Wide open and great snow on all parts of the trail, which made it awesome. Not bad conditions since Mohawk has not gotten a snow storm in what seems like a long time. The warmer temperatures during the day helped to soften some of the snow up.
A B+ night of skiing.
I did see TWO ambulances come to the mountain during the time that I was there. I actually saw one of the people that had to go on the ambulance before the ski patrol came (she ran into a tree). You've gotta be careful out there! :-)

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