Mohawk Quickie- 1/15/16

Time Skied: 4:00-8:15
Conditions: Machine groomed...soft on on bottom
Weather: 35 degrees with high-humidity

Mohawk barely expanded since last weekend. Two new trails (Wildwood and Exhibition) which skied like crap. Very suprising and pathetic given that they were able to make snow day and night from Sunday evening till Thursday. Mohawk (trail) and Arrowhead were the places to be. Snow was hard enough to go fast, but very edgable on top. That's what I was hoping for given the high-humidity and temperatures slightly above freezing. It was a perfect evening to carve. With it only being my second day on my Icelantic Keeper SNKY's, it was good practice session. Took a few runs to find their sweet spot, but when I did... holy crap these things fly. Everything I'd want in a great ski was there...pop, quick edge-to-edge, and badass designs. Really could be a one-ski quiver type of ski...just need to see how they perform in the trees and the natural when the time comes. Could that be Killington when I go on Tuesday? We shall see...

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