Mont Sainte-Anne (MSA)-3/21/16

My wife said OK to a boys only trip. My oldest son David and youngest James joined me for the 8 hour drive on the 20th. We rented a 3 story 2 bedroom slope side condo at the base of the Gondola. A 3 minute walk to the lift and we could ski back in the afternoon.

3/21 was cold; temps were -5 to 0 C. There was hazy sunshine but clouds too. The snow was frozen in the morning and loosened a little in the PM. We explored the glades off of La Crete (La Brunelle, Triumph, Munster and Schnell). The lower angle trees held some windblown at the edges and skied OK. Steeper trees like La Brunelle were skiable but rough.

We also tried a few bumps on La P.A. Rousseau, La S, and La Super S. I didn’t find any loose snow there and everything was really firm.

The PM consisted of exploring the North (boring) Side and skiing the trees off La Crete again.

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