Mont Tremblant and Jay Peak – summer visit

We just got back from a vacation that included 4 nights at Mont Tremblant, 2 nights in Granby, and 1 night at Jay Peak.

Here are some highlights:


We had never been to Mont Tremblant before, and I was hesitant to go in the summer since I’ve seen many ski areas that claim to be four season resorts that turn out to be kind of sad places for a summer vacation. Boy, were we wrong. The short version is that Mont Tremblant is an absolutely gorgeous place in the summer and it was still hopping. It also seemed somewhat down to earth in the summer – which was a good thing. The pedestrian village is unlike anything I have seen in the east. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny how successful it is. I liked the village quite a bit. There were tons of activities for our kids, and admission to the beach club at the lake (at the bottom of the pedestrian village) was included with our room. Best of all, the bike path ran almost right outside of our room.

English seemed to be spoken by about 50% of the tourists, which surprised me. We got a one bedroom suite with a full kitchen for just $118 per night. I thought this was a great value for being right in the pedestrian village – especially since they don’t tack on any resort fees.

My best description of Mont Tremblant in the summer is one part Stowe and one part Disney – and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

I’m not so sure what I would think of Tremblant in the winter. It seems like it may be too crowded given the amount of lodging. I’m curious to give it a try just once, though.

My only complaint was that restaurant food in the pedestrian village was VERY expensive. We were very glad to have a kitchen in our room.


We stayed at the Stateside Hotel for $99 per night plus a $20 resort fee. (I can’t begin to imagine how they justify charging the resort fee for the Stateside Hotel.) Occupancy on a Saturday night during a holiday weekend was maybe 10%. The hotel itself is really nice, and it would be my preferred hotel for the ski season. (I say this having stayed in the Hotel Jay before.) But in the summer it felt nearly abandoned. We were the only people in the restaurant for breakfast, for example.

We spent two days at the Pumphouse water park using our season passes. It was pretty dead on both days. I have no idea how they can claim 300,000 or more guests per year based on what I saw this weekend and on previous visits using our passes.

One thing became clear to us on this trip. Tremblant is a true 4 season resort. Jay is not there yet. Not even close. One thing Jay has going against it is that there is nothing else there. Tremblant has lakes and villages right at its base. Jay has… well… nothing off-site to draw tourists, let’s put it that way. Even the on-site golf course looked pretty dead. It seemed kind of depressing, and not anywhere I would want to be for more than one or two nights.


Near Bromont. We went for the biking paths, which were fantastic. Skiers need not look here.