Mount Abram 2/21/2015

It had been quite awhile since I last skied Mount Abram; at least since the Base Lodge fire in 2011 and maybe longer ago than that. I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long to get back there because I really do dig the place a lot. I actually attempted to go skiing there on President’s day only to sit in the lodge for a couple of hours waiting for lifts that never spun. It was even too windy on Monday for the T-Bar. Today’s weather was much nicer. While it was -8 when I got in my car this morning to drive up there, it did warm up into the low 20s.

The "temporary" lodge they put in after the fire is now four years old. It actually works surprisingly well for being the structure that it is. The bathrooms and kitchen are a permanent structure off the back of it and then they’ve put up partitions for the various areas. The bar area is actually really nice. Pretty cool name for a ski bar too – Loose Boots. These pictures were from Monday when it was quiet. Today it was absolutely packed. I’d say the lodge is woefully inadequate size wise for holiday periods, but many areas have that issue. However, it’s what they have to work with and they do a good job with what they got. Food in the bar and beer menu needs work though.

Main Lodge area

Loose Boots

Cool Cocktail Tables

In prior visits, I focused just on the main side of the Mountain. I had never made it over to the West Side. Today I decided to check it out. I got over there via a trail called Snowfield. Very cool "meadowy" intermediate trail with stunning views of Mount Washington from the top. Got a new camera coming in the mail, which should make for better pics than the cell phone.

What I found on the West Side was an absolutely exceptional learning area with it’s own double chair and magic carpet. There are 3-4 perfectly pitched novice runs as well some novice glades. Tons of families over here, people barbequeing in the parking lot; a really great atmosphere. There were a few MASSIVE slopeside homes as well, which surprised me for a place like Mount Abram. Nice old school log cabin lodge.

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