Mount Desert Island, ME 12/31/12 – 1/1/13

Our local weather forecaster was calling for 3-6 inches of new snow to fall Saturday night into Sunday. I fell asleep around midnight with about 4 inches already on the ground. Just before jumping into bed I checked the radar and there was a massive storm sitting right on top of us, circulating moisture out of the Atlantic. I remember thinking to myself that it seemed pretty odd we were only going to squeeze 6 inches out of it. I figured it must be warming up and turning to rain, as most storms do on the island. When I awoke around 7:30am, Sunday morning, we had 18-20 inches of light powder on our picnic table and it was still snowing HARD!!! I, anxiously, checked the mountain forecast for western Maine, thinking I was missing a powder day, and realized they had only received around 4 inches. The winds were blowing hard and the plow guy was stuck in our driveway so I decided to spend the day shoveling out and hanging with the wife, besides, the weather for Monday looked bluebird!! We planned to check out some local spots we had done a little "selective" cutting on last fall. The weather forecaster was correct this time and the next morning was, in fact, bluebird. After a six minute drive from my front door, we started out in waist deep drifts............I put together a short edit of a few of the moments from the last couple of days I'd rather not forget. If anyone is thinking of a winter visit to Acadia National Park, don't forget your skis! This island is filled with possibilities when there's enough snow!!

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