Mount Snow 1-1-17 WOW!

Time Skied: 8:15-4:00
Conditions: Packed powder, powder
Weather: 20s, wind, flurries and sun

What a great day! I'm 3 for 4 at Mount Snow with powder days this year and today was the best yet! 4 inches of super dry fluff on top of the 10 inches from Friday's storm! I chased the snow all day. Hit the main face early, hitting Exhibition and Hop. Once the Grand Summit's line was greater than ski-on I went to Sunbrook. Carinthia next up to escape the wind. Watched the video board to see when the North Face would open up and I booked it once I saw Outpost had opened. I got first tracks through the woods skiers left of Oylimpic. Hands-down the best run of the day. The upper part is still a bit thin where the evergreens block some snow from falling through but the lower part with the birch trees is fully in-play. Ripcord opened as a sweet surprise! Already down to its icy center by the time I hit it but the sides were great. Back to Carinthia and then the Main Face for more laps down natural trails mostly. Some naturals are better than others. Jaws and Uncles are trashed out while Hop and Shootout were snow-covered and deep. I guess a lot of natural got pushed around yesterday on some of the heavier traffic trails. Crowds were very small. Never waited more than a minute for a chair (didn't ride the Bluebird till after 3pm).

I was expecting a huge bottleneck through Wilmington as I left the hill at 4:15 but I never even had to wait for a light cycle. Seems like a lot of people are staying for tomorrow with the fresh snow instead of heading home, fyi.

Bluebird day from the North Face!

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