Mount Snow 1-25-14

Date(s) Skied: 1/15

Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow

Conditions: Mostly PP with some hard pack as the day wore on

Trip Report:

Skiied Mount Snow yesterday with the family and was very impressed with the conditions. I have a low tolerance for hard pack, but there was legitimately soft snow to be found over much of the mountain. Ripcord was open and was very soft even on the steepest pitch. Higher traffic trails developed slick spots as the day wore on, but it wasn't hard to find extensive PP on the trail edges even in the afternoon. We were very pleased with the manageable crowds as well.

The only downside was a lack of bumps and trees, but that was expected. While not bumped up, Commited to Rip Cord did have fun terrain rolls.

A few inches of snow fell during the day. I'm sure surface conditions will be very nice today, but we didn't want to subject the little ones to the brutal cold and wind expected today.

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