Mount Snow 11/22-23

Opening weekend for me of my ’14-’15 ski season!

Saturday started, and stayed cold! The thermometer on my back deck read 12 degrees as I was cooking breakfast and that didn’t even account for the wind that was blowing 15-20 mph most of the day. It was back into winter for sure.

Mount Snow made LOTS of snow on the terrain that was open. When I was talking with one of my friends in mountain ops, he told me that they made the choice to BURY the terrain that they had open, rather than go for another couple trails with a thinner base, and it showed. Deep coverage on Cascade, Canyon, Snowdance, Long John, Ridge, Gulch, Sweet Sixteen and Nitro (Nitro was the only trail that hadn’t seen a groomer and was just covered with BIG whales from top to bottom. The snow started off, and for the most part stayed mid winter quality machine groomed packed powder with some secondary ungroomed fresh manmade snow. As the day went on a few of the more high traffic areas that were exposed to the wind got scraped off down to the base snow. All in all a very good product was on the hill.

Sunday: The temps warmed up overnight to about 40 and a little rain fell. I was expecting, and got, nice soft hero spring like snow, and I wasn’t disappointed! Just lots of soft snow to carve arcs in all over the place, and with less of a wind and the warmer temps and the sunshine increasing as the morning went on, it was just a fun day to be outside on the hill enjoying some high quality November snow.