Mount Snow 11/27: Thanksgiving Powder!

Left at 0 dark thirty this morning thinking the roads would be mess but ended up getting to the mountain around 8:00. Paid $38 with my CT Ski Council card. Ended up on the 2nd chair. They had groomed the green trails but the blues just had a strip of corduroy down the middle. A good foot of powder made everything soft and creamy. We did a few runs on the main mountain and then shot over to Carinthia. Only one trail had features but with plenty of fresh tracks to be had, we let the park rats waste their time with those. The sides of the trails were fantastic all day over there when they got tracked out by lunch on the Main face. Nothing new opened to my knowledge but I wouldn’t be surprised if they open more for the weekend. The snow was perfect for this time of year. Light enough to be playful, but dense enough to pack down and add much needed base depth.

I felt a little guilty turning down dinner offers from family at first but getting a day like today in November is pretty rare. Best first day I’ve had in years. I just hope it’s a sign of things to come.