Mount Snow, 12/12/12

I buzzed over to Mt. Snow for a couple hours of skiing yesterday afternoon. The founders day $12 dollar special made for some truly crowded conditions during the early afternoon. They limited the promotion to 1500 tickets, but to put those skiers on just a couple of trails made for a real WROD experience until about 3 when the place began to clear out. My first run down Cascade/Canyon I was taken out from behind by someone riding too fast for the crowd. The guy apolozied profusely and I wasn't hurt, so it was better than it could have been I guess.

There were really only 3 ways down from the Summit. Long John/Deer Run which I avoid like the plague when it's crowded and icy...Ridge which was a mix of nice machine made top coat and scraped off ice, grass, and rock...and Cascade/Canyon which was a ton of fun when I could find the space. I was surprised by the amount of bumps that had set up on the steeper pitches, I think the place must have been even more crowded before I arrived!

Mt. Snow is the third resort I've been to this year, after trying out Okemo and Stratton earlier in the season. I was surprised to find that they are noticeably lagging in terms of early season conditions. Peaks' mantra has been that they opened later to ensure great edge to edge coverage...they haven't achieved that this year. They opened late and also have worse coverage than their SoVT neighbors. Oh well, it was a fun afternoon, and with the snow coming early next week, things will improve quickly.

In terms of expansion, what I could see happening was another route from the summit to the main base getting close, I think the route will be Cascade>Upper Lodge>Lower Exhibition. Another Solid day of snow making and that route will be ready. I didn't have the time to venture over to Carinthia to sample the goods there.

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