Mount Snow- 12/12/14

Mount Snow
Dust on crust, machine groomed, packed powder, hidden ice

Mount Snow skied awfully well today. Totally got my $12 worth. We got out pretty quickly by grabbing our tickets at the ski school desk, ticket lines were insanely long. We geared up fast and hopped on the Bluebird, waited a couple minutes. From the summit we lapped the North Face as we always do. Freefall was a ton of fun especially on the sides. The trees next to Freefall were good too. Challenger was very fun early with nice soft bumps. Lift lines on the Challenger lift started to get very long by 11. 15 minutes probably. We did ten runs on the North Face and skied down to the base. Lines for both the Bluebird and the Summit Express were out of control so we decided to go home. All in all beside being totally crowded the skiing was excellent. 1.20 a run is fine by me!