Mount Snow 1/4/14

Time Skied: 10-4
Conditions: Powpow, chopped pow, and hardpack
AM: 10-20 degrees, windy at summit, sunny
PM: 20-30 degrees, gentle breeze, sunny
Areas Explored: North Face (10-12:30), Sunbrook (12:30-2:00), Canyon chair (2-4)

I knew today would be did not disappoint. Started with 2 runs down through the trees on the skier's left of Oylimpic. The powder is light, and you sink right through it. Stay on the areas that have been tracked. Don't be like me and get a double ejection because your skis sunk through the snow and a root grabbed them. IF you do the trees, don't bring your favorite pair of skis and bring a buddy. Very sketchy in there. Naturals on the North Face were better covered than I expected. A few rocks and dirt here and there, but very manageable. Again, don't bring your favorite pair of skis. Headed over to the Sunbrook chair and found choppow and powpow on Big Dipper. The low angle trees over there skied very nice, much better than the trees on the North Face. FYI, the brook to the skiers left of the Sunbrook chair is frozen and skiable 8). Exhibition, Ego Alley, and South Bowl weren't to impressive, so I went to the Canyon chair. There I found what was, by far, the Run of the Day: Snowdance. The skier's right (natural side) hadn't been groomed and was completely covered in soft, very edgable snow. I generally son't like Snowdance- too flat and uninteresting- but man, that was AWESOME. I found One More Time had been opened. Woods to the skiers left were the best woods of the day. The last 100 feet of OMT, however, was very sketchy with only the sides having "clean" snow. Ended my day with a gorgeous view from the top and a speed run down Ridge to the Sundance Lodge. Crowds were light for a Saturday after a powder day. Cold scared a lot of people away. The Grand Summit had a 20 chair wait and Bluebird was less than 10 minutes. Everything else was nearly ski on.

Mount Snow's underrated scenery

FreeFall: Soft moguls on an icy trail

Canyon, 2:30

(insert adjective) Sunset, 3:50
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