Mount Snow 1/9/16

The last and only time I skied Mount Snow was in 2003 on my All East Student Killington Pass. So needless to say I am not that familiar with the area but was skiing with a group that had a trip planned there. Weather conditions were a bit challenging. Heavy mist in the morning that did end but poor visibility remained right up until I left around 3. As a result I didn't bother taking pictures.

Snow conditions were good. By the end of the day there were some scratchy places as you might expect. Overall though no complaints on the trail conditions. Lift lines were manageable and almost non existent on the North Face and Ego lifts. The only notable exception was the Bluebird. We used it once and while I know folks seem to love it I don't think the ride up makes the line worth it. So we just avoided it the rest of the time.

There was a wide range of skills in my group. While Mount Snow lacks a lot of steep terrain the wide well groomed trails worked well for the entire group. I left thinking how much it reminds me of Bretton Woods. Refined groomed trails, mellow runs, and good facilities. I can see why so many families ski there though it might be some time before I get a desire to return since it is not an easy day trip. Overall a nice day and worth the ride and the group I was with had a good time. When they get more water next year their already impressive ability to make snow will be something to see.

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