Mount Snow 2/12/14

Did not disappoint!!! Only had two hours ...skied Snowdance, Upper Ledge, Beartrap (X4), Jaws, and One More Time. Jaws was saweet!!! Already skiing nicely, and after tonight's storm will be unbelievable!! Beartrap is in the best shape of the season. They mowed down the sh*tty seeded bumps on skiers' left and let the natural bumps grow on the right. Both the groomed side and the bumped side skiied great and merited several laps. The upper portion of the Trap is still just a bit too much bump and too much steep for me at the same time, but I'm getting there :)

One more Time was the single poor trail choice for me...too much skier traffic and not enough snow on the waterbars has created a bit of a slick, rocky minefield that was not a ton of fun too ski. But again, after tonight everything will be stellar.

Winter's on the way!!!

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