Mount snow 2/13

Surprised no report from 2/13. Day started with light snow and no breeze, warmed up on ledge, shoot out, uncles and hop. All were stellar save hop- which had some very avoidable blue ice fall. Headed to NF, for challenger, jaws and Olympic. All nice and soft with moderate bumps. After lunch snow and wind picking up nicely- saw a couple of more on natural snow main face trails- shootout ledge, etc. and a couple on committed nice and bumpy- than as snow really picked up around 1:30- back to NF- challenger, jaws Olympic repeat- repeat- repeat- heavy snow and high winds and lack of people= Just about completely untracked (at worst a clean line) every run. Truly stellar boot to knee deep light snow- could take very straight lines through the bumps. Ducked in and out of some trees- sampled PDF which was great but too much freefall for me- really found the best skiing on the natty trails. After NF closed- got two more quickies off the bluebird- uncles and lodge- 22 runs, 29k- big ass smile.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1392596881.422361.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1392596903.870363.jpg

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