Mount Snow – 2/14/14

Date(s) Skied: February 14, 2014

Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow

Conditions: Powder!

Trip Report:
Came up early on Wednesday evening to stay ahead of the snow and it paid off this morning. 16" or so of somewhat heavy snow that got tracked out really quickly. To me, the best part of a powder day is once the snow gets pushed around and the soft bumps start to form. That made this a perfect day for my goals.

Did not get first tracks as I had to drop my girls off at ski school. Was 9:20 by the time I headed up Bluebird. Singles line all the way. Took a quick run down Ledges into Canyon to warm up. Then I made my first mistake of the day … went to Sunbrook instead of North Face.

Sunbrook was scoured of snow. The wind was just pulling it off the mountain. Rode Bear Trap twice, just for kicks, but there were "icebergs" lurking under the fresh snow that would launch you without notice. Was an interesting ride. At that point headed over to the North Face which I should have done first thing. Lapped Fallen Timbers a few times. Good, soft bumps were being formed that were just a blast to ski. Would surf the top snow, absorb the bump, turn in the trough and repeat. Good tunes in the helmet and smiles. Finished up with a run down Olympic with big, fat, fluffy moguls. Still some rocks in the troughs but a lot of fun.

Was 5 minutes late picking my girls up from the ski school. Bluebird was jammed; took about 10 minutes in the single line, no idea what it was in the regular one. Grand Summit wasn't running. The girls struggled a little with the snow after lunch but were good sports. By 2pm the westerly wind at the summit was pushing them hard down the mountain. Must have been 30-35 mph so bagged it early at 2:30. Great day.

No pictures other than an empty Sunbrook lift, couldn't stop to take them …

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