Mount Snow: 2/22/2014

We held off on going early due to the icing and lift delays from the recent weather. I almost soiled my under britches when we walked towards the ski racks and saw the lifelines. I took the pic standing between the clock tower and the cape house. Thats the singles line for the bluebird going up the hill. It was almost as lone on the other side. They had most of the lifts running. At this point except the Grand Summit.

We eventually booted up and took a painfully slow ride up Ego. One of the downsides of the prevalence of high speed detachables ; people can't load and unload a fixed grip to saves their you know what. Conditions were ok given the rain and freezing the night before. Things were spring like from lower mid mountain down. Next run was up the grand Summit which has been a challenge this year with line management and loading. From there, we did Thanks Walt on Sunbrook was was pretty scratchy. We took Bear Trap out. Bear trap the trail wasn't open, all glazed over. From there, we decided this would be our last run. We went down Long John to get to the main base. The trail was packed. It was around lunch, so the Lodge was a zoo. I grabbed our bags and we debooted outside.

So a tough day. Really crowded and the weather Friday wasn't particularly good. I sent the pic I took to a coworker who was at Stratton and she said it was busy, but not like it was at mt Snow.

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