Mount Snow 2/9/2014

Spent 9:30-4:00 at Mt. Snow. I was pleasantly surprised by the blue sky and sunshine which was not in the forecast. The day was divided into three 2 hour chunks. Spent the morning showing some friends many of the natural snow blue suqares. We skied Hop, Shootout, Big Dipper, and Uncles. Also threw in Ridge and Thanks Walt for some rest. There's just enough snow to make the naturals skiable and fun, but they are all pretty, rocks, grass, brambles, baby pine trees...we skied over a lot of stuff this morning! Had lots of fun, though and felt smug using the Sundance Lift with NO liftline all morning long.
After a brief lunch break and a check in with my son and his friends, I skied the next 2 hours by myself. Started with Upper and Lower Ledge, then headed to the North Face where I helped keep Ripcord nice and smooth when My ski slipped out about half way down the steep section and I slid the rest of the way down...I was like a human groomer. Did two really nice runs down Plummet while I was over there. Plummet was skiing great today, but again, there's just enough cover to make it good. If we get any kind of warm up, all the natural trails at Mt. Snow will be toasted within a day.
Finished up the day with a few runs with son's friend's mom. We tried Ridge which was badly skied off at that point, and then headed over to Snowdance. Far skier's right of Snowdance was's natural snow on that guns line the other side of the trail and don't shoot that far. Since it's not as well groomed as the left side, the traffic on it is low and the snow was loos and velvety smooth. Did a few laps there, and called it a day. Really fun day, but I kept thinking "This is midwinter conditions?" as I worked my way around and over the rocks and brambles....Sure hope we get some more snow before Spring arrives.:daffy:

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