Mount Snow – 3/22/2016

Date(s) Skied: 3/22/2016

Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow

Conditions: Pack Powder (Cascade), Frozen Hard Pack, Spring and everything else.

Trip Report:

Took a trip up to Mount Snow yesterday to pick up my ranger pass and enjoy a nice sun filled day on the snow. While crowds were light, the skiing really was fantastic. I arrived on at the mountain about 10 past 9 AM to pick up my pass. While I haven't skied Mount Snow often in recent years, once last year), and once this year - my family been going here since the 60's. Conditions were fantastic, while the mountain looks like it lost a lot of snow, what was left, I have to say was very good. I started out on Lodge to Lower Exhibition, while thin in coverage, it did set up well overnight - with bare spots only beginning to show after lunch. From there, I jumped over to Cascade to Canyon, which I believe they blew snow on - and it really skied perfectly. From there I took two runs down north face, Freefall and Challenger - Freefall's grooming at the top left was wonky. Very uneven, but mid way down it was fantastic and challenger was a little more firm and icy - but skied great none-the-less. I made my way back to the main face, and skied Long John to Ridge. Lapped Cascade and Canyon a few more times, and down Lodge to Exhibition too. Made my way then over to snow dance which by that time was nice and soft with corn really setting up. Finished up the day after a few more runs down long john, a trail my dad still loves to talk about.

Anyway while the season hasn't been kind, yesterday was the type of day that really stands out as a great day on the hill.

Riding up the Bubble Lift

View from the Summit:

Looking down Challenger

Looking up Freefall

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