Mount Snow- 3/29/2014

We didn't rush to the mountain today...and found out no more preferred parking. Oops. Had to hike up the tubing hill.

It was reggae fest and the pond skim, so the base area was different from usual. Crowds weren't bad on the Grand Summit or Canyon. There was a line at the BlueBird. Why...I don't know. Just about all chairs had the bubble up.

The surface was soft and from the top terminal of the Canyon lift up was enshrouded in clouds. Those clouds burned off in short order and the sun came out. Sweet! The mountain skied well. Classic spring conditions; soft snow, with a few draggy spots. Carinthia was really nice with some soft cord on the edges. Shooting Star off Long John was practically untracked.

Bumps. Oh man, the bumps! Today was the best bump day in awhile. The bumps were soft, but had enough firmness to hold their troughs. Spacing was just about perfect. Some sections almost felt seeded. Yard Sale skied awesome; I was wishing it was a longer run. Ripcord. Let me pause......Ripcord. The Ripper skied outstanding. Today was probably a top 3 day on the Ripper. You could actually go about skiing the trail with some speed while still maintaining control. The woods off One More Time were great as well a nice low pitch tree run with bumps.

We had a lot of fun today. The weather report yesterday looked kinda meh, but it ended up delivering. So glad we got out.

Here's how Yard Sale looked early this afternoon.


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