Mount Snow – Foggy Edition – 3/17/2015

Date(s) Skied: 3/17/2015

Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow – Dover, VT

Conditions: Wet Packed Snow, Fog, More Fog and Even More Fog!

Trip Report: So today was my first trip to mount snow in probably, ever. I did go there when I was about 10 years old, if I remember correctly, but never quite did ski the mountain. Taking advantage of the st. paddy’s day special, I figured it a no brainer. Because of the conditions (and not knowing the mountain), I did stick to only the blues (well since there were only blues, with the exception of the pod off the summit). But because, I didn’t know where I was, the contours of the mountain and the fog… I figured to play it safe. Also, with the special, you had plenty of gapers in jeans (I ended up calling ski patrol since one did dislocate his knee), but I did have a good day out. Here are some photos:

Clouds lifting for a moment:

Is there a trail there?

Into the abyss:

Not a Blue Bird Day: