Mount Snow – November 14 2019

Least amount of people I've seen at Mount Snow by far. Only open runs were really Canyon/Chute on the main face and Freefall on north face.

Canyon skied alright but it's not my favorite trail, too many rollers obstructing downhill visibility and they had a mini terrain park set up on the trail which meant snowboarders doing their thing (getting in the way).

Freefall was where it was at. I guess I skied that trail about 12 times. Very nice surface and never really got skied off. I usually don't repeat trails much when I ski but somehow I appreciated the task of trying to ski Freefall better each time around. Trails were empty so I could charge pretty hard. Legs didn't complain and I felt my skiing was probably more on point than any "Day 1" in my personal history.

But 2 trails is 2 trails, I skied for 3 hours and went back home (1:10 drive) to get in a partial work day. No regrets. Hard to tell how quickly they'll be opening up more trails, I assume Long John and something in Carinthia come next. Those trails looked pretty much ready. Nothing else did though. Just a dusting of snow on the ground otherwise.


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