Mount Sunapee 1/22/14

After debating where to go today after yesterdays rain I decided on Sunapee since the forecast was predicting 45 for a high giving a good chance things would soften up. I went late and only skied a half-day to save money and give the snow some time to soften up. Skiing was great and very soft pretty much everywhere and crowds weren't too bad, but I stayed away from the Summit Express which had long lines as usual.

I stayed on the bumps all day on Liftline and Flying Goose. The bumps were pretty firm on Flying Goose when I first arrived so moved over to Liftline which the bumps were nice and soft on. Lapped that for quite a while before heading back to Flying Goose around 2:30 which had softened up by that time. Stayed on the bumps on Goose for the remainder of the day before grabbing last chair and heading home around 4:30.

Overall skiing was great with good soft snow. Apparently they got quite a bit of ice and staggered the opening of the Summit and Sunbowl until around 10 causing long lines based on what I heard from people I rode up with. I'm glad I waited until noon to start skiing as it sounded like it was pretty crowded up until then.

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