Mount Sunapee March 14

Mount Sunapee
March 14, 2015
In high 20s, cloudy and eventually wet

I have managed to get out every weekend since my season started in mid December. This was the first weekend where the weather looked discouraging. I know there are some that like skiing in wet conditions but it is not my thing. That being said I had one last free Sunapee visit on my Pico pass and the mountain is only 20+ minutes from my weekend place so I decided to get there for opening and stayed until my gloves got soaked through a little after 11.

Sunapee is incredibly consistent. They put a lot of money into grooming. Sometimes that is in there favor like this weekend. With the midweek warm up they had recovered nicely but their glades were all closed. Some ice patches could be found but overall conditions were pretty good. Lines were not a problem given the forecast I am sure many from Boston skipped the weekend. Not my longest day but I am glad I got out another time since my season ends around Easter. The last two times I was there they had problems with the new quad but this time it ran fine all day.

View from the Sun Bowl (minus the sun)
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