MRG Friday 3-13-2013

Decided to skip the Sundown bumps yesterday and head up to MRG. Reports said they got 6-10 thursday and into the overnight. This was my first time and I was pretty happy! Sunny and mid 30s all day! I would say they got 6-8 at the top. Most of the trails I skied were bumped up with some daggers, ice, and dirt spots poking through the troughs. There was some decent POW on the sides of the trails. Lynx was the ROTD for me...POW bumps with just a little trough hopping. Also did Lower Antelope, Gazelle,Waterfall, Catamount, Chute, and a few others.. The character, vibe, and layout of the Mtn is awesome. I can see why MRG has a great following.. Reminds me of Magic in some ways...With all the drops and steeps, It must be off the hook on a deep POW day. Took a few pics


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