Mt. Snow 12/15/14

Pretty much bluebird most of the day. Temps 30 -35? Hardly a breeze. Thick undercast to the north.

Test of futility not to be able to ski since the storm due to commitments. Made up for it at
Snow today with limited people and some pretty fine skiing. Skied the North Face natural trails for most of the day. Seems to always deliver for me. Run of the day was definitely Jaws.

After lunch did do some natural runs off the front which were in great shape also. Amazing frozen solid base across the whole hill. Can’t remember anything quite like it this early in the year. Unless a severe blowtorch hits, southern Vermont is good to go!

Chute had a weird combination of whales and small bumps throughout. fun and kept you on your toes:

The token photo toward Somerset Resevoir:

Found uneven bump fields at various locations on all the Natural trails. No seeding here.................




Looking up lower Lodge. There were some decent small bump lines on the Front Face natty's also.

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