Mt Snow 1/26/13

Hadn’t been to Mt. Snow all year, very unusual for me. Hit it up Saturday hoping for a low turn-out. Score! Had a fantastic day. Was ski on all day except for the Bluebird, which had lines that looked at least 15 minutes……….. pussies.
Grand Summit, 100 feet away - ski on. Sundance and Ego didn’t run. Never made it to Carinthia.
Tons of snow was being made, too many places to remember. Conditions were far better than anticipated. Mount Snow can obviously make a ton of great snow in this weather. Base depths are far better than at any point last year. Our favorite runs were Ledge and Challenger.
Bear Trap was flat but was getting a ton of snowmaking love.
Mount Snow is skiing pretty damn good.
If that three inch forecast for late Monday holds up I’ll be back Tuesday before the warm up. A little refresh like that and I guarantee you’ll have fun and be worth the vacation day…………………….
Had some camera issues, (operator induced), so all I got was these weak shots:

From the Safety Meeting Place on South Bowl. The guns got turned off and ropes dropped so we took a couple runs of creamy goodness.

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