Mt. Snow 1/5/14

Half-heartedly writing a report because who knows how things will look after today, anyway:
Had to wait for Sunday and the leftovers from the storm. Weather was a lot nicer than expected, sunny, calm, and about 30 degrees most of the day.
DoubleEject and I were a little leery of hitting Mt. Snow on “youth pay their age” day. Didn’t get to the hill until 8:30 and things were already pretty busy. Decided to do a first – pay for VIP parking. Worth every penny today. Got a great spot and ready to go in fifteen minutes. Already a 20 minute wait on the Bluebird, opted for the ski-on Summit Express. Decided to ski Ledge to the base again. Was able to ski right onto the Summit Express again. Hit Uncles. Took the Sundance lift a few times up to Hop, Fantastics (sketchy), South Bowl, etc…….
Decided to go over to Bear Trap in the sun. Bumps are forming. Appears to be a good base there. On our third lap noticed a mass exodus form the Sunbrook chair. Luckily we came in from skiers left of the coral. The Sunbrook Quad was down and everyone was heading towards us.
Not sure what happened there but it didn’t look promising. The Bear Trap liftline was now a mess as we looked back from the top. Time to get out of Dodge……….
Headed to the base and things were busy, even the Summit Express had a little wait. Decided on the Station Tap Room. Had a decent lunch and a couple good Mount Snow Ales brewed by Harpoon.
Was back out at noon. Took a minute to get on the Summit Express. Headed over to the North Face. Both lifts running with no lines. Stayed there all afternoon.
The natural trails were all bumped but showing wear and I’m sure will all be closed after today, déjà vu from last time I was here.
Glad we got it while it was good again. Real good day at Mt. Snow. Most of the “kids” were skiing the greens, (Long John was a death trap) so overall the “pay your age” didn’t affect us much. Mount Snow appeared to have a good day…………………………………..


Looking up Olympic:

Plummet - soft bumps with a hay effect:

Lot of snow snakes in the woods still, picked our way down.....

Bumps getting there on Bear Trap.

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