Mt Snow 1/7/16

Bluebird skies, no wind, 30ish.
Great day to get back in the saddle at Mt. Snow today. Chute and Plummet on the North face were ass-kickers. Free Fall stay closed with massive whales. All the blues open on the Main Face provided some great cruising. That is all.

More crowded than anticipated. Lot of punk ass college kids. Managed to keep my distance. That is the bluebird at approx. 11:00. Meanwhile the Canyon quad and Outpost never had a line. I took the Bird a few times after 2:00 and I skied right up in the single line.

Bottom of Chute, notice the big whales on Freefall they were letting sit.

Down the Chute

OUCH! Up and down Plummet:

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