Mt Southington 12/19/17

It's been so long since I've been able to go skiing, and so long since I've even been to AZ, I just have to post this trip report.

I took the kids (4 and 6) to Mt Southington for their first ski day ever. I'd heard nothing but good things (all proven true) about the ski school, and it's about an hour away, so seemed perfect. Tuesday was an absolute perfect day- sunny, warm but not hot, and the power of Southington's new snow guns was apparent- conditions looked pretty darn good, especially for this early in the season. Guy in the ski shop said there were 8 million gallons of water on the mountain.

Kids had a 1-hour lesson with Emily (super nice and really good with the kids), at the end of which, they were lapping the magic carpet on their own. They started to get whiny after about a half hour, especially the 4 year old, who complained her feet hurt. We went in for lunch, and about 2 chicken tenders later, they were itching to go back out. Having two friends with them helped, I'm sure. We went back out and they spent almost 2 hours, with the 6 year old starting to almost, if accidently, link turns. I think that, if I'd had my skis on, I could have gotten him on and off the chairlift. Which would have made my day even more.

Which gets me to my skis. As some of you know, I used to ski quite a bit, but it's been about 7 years since the last time we had a good season. Dang kids. Monday night I was gathering my gear, and went to put my boots on, but my heel kept getting stuck, pulling the liner down. Pulled my foot out, and found the gel in the liners had basically leaked into the fabric, making them a sticky gummy mess. So, I didn't bring my skis with me, since I had no boots. By the time the kids were clearly having a good time, getting rentals didn't make much sense, so my first day of skiing was spent in shoes, but I had a fantastic time. Kids kept asking to go back out tomorrow, so hopefully I managed to do something right with them and get them hooked early.

Overall, I give Mt Southington high marks for the ski school and their willingness to blow snow. Can't say much about the rest of the mountain, but the learning area looked great.

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