(non skiing) Boston College vs. Boston University, 11/30

Went back home for the day on Friday. Had center seats, row k at the Agganis on Comm Ave. What a great rink it is. Really clean and great layout, I don't think there's a bad seat in the barn. I had forgotten how beautiful the women in Boston are, I should really move back.

Maybe someone can fill me in.. Apparently they won't serve a beer to anyone under 25 with an out of state license (I'm 24). Not that I would have drank too many at 8$ a cup, but what's that rule all about? I tried explaining to the woman (in my south shore accent) that I grew up literally 20 minutes down the road. And that I could see my old apartment from the rink. She didn't buy it, oh well. Rules are rules.

The game was good until the 3rd period, BC's forwards are very young. Tried running up the middle slot almost every rush. They were wicked slow on the forecheck..real lazy play. Lots of bull penalties. About three 4 on 4 plays. The Eagles defense were just sort of asleep, and the Terriers caught Milner (BC goalie) napping a few times.

Final was 4-2 in favor of BU. While I was upset to see the Eagles loose, it was great to be back in the town. And it's always good to see some future NHLers. Here are a few pics:






Pics aren't the best. But the few hockey fans on here should appreciate them!

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