Okemo 1-21-13

Date(s) Skied: 1-21-2013

Resort or Ski Area: Okemo,VT

Conditions: Packed Powder, Frigid Temperatures, Loose Granular on Boilerplate

Trip Report:

Took the Emilio's Ski Bus from NYC to Okemo. 4:30am Pickup on Upper East Side and on the road by 4:55am. We were the resort parking lot by 9:00am-4 hours. Not bad and better than if I drove myself as usually it takes me about 5 1/2 hours to cover that distance. About 48 people on the bus so not too packed.

Conditions were as described-Temps were about 16 degrees, probably no new snow since last week and looked like the groomers had the day off so was skiing on mostly refrozen hardpack and coral rocks from Sunday's traffic. Other than that, trails had good coverage although some of the more traveled ones were getting skied off with exposed rocks. Okemo is a cruisers heavens with it;s wide boulevards. all the trails skied about the same with little variations. A person who never skied there before noted to me afterwards that all the trails felt about the same. of note-it was a bit colder in the Jackson Gore area probably because it;s facing north I think. Snow was a little deeper over there probably because not as much traffic.

You don;t go to Okemo for the most excitement but a homogenous, consistent quality. Given the lack of snow and warm up from the week before, could have been worse. I got my miles and miles of cruising in since I was skiing solo.

was snowing on the way back along i91/i95. I always seem to just miss the snow by a day. made the trip home a little longer but got back in 5 1/2 hours-still better than if I had driven so no complaints. hopefully, that snow traveled up to the mountains where it belongs.

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