Okemo 12/12/16

12/12/16 - Monday
mid to upper 20's
Overcast most of the day!

Well after a challenging ride to get there, it was worth the trip. Route 91 North was torture....time for better snow tires!

This was my first day out this season, more than a month earlier than last year. I knew they had snow but wow, conditions were fluffy and fun! Saphire was loaded with snow, the first few runs took me a bit to "remember how to ski". After a break I skied over to the Jacksonville side. Limelight was crazy fun! Sides of the trails were buried in pow, good times!!

Road up the new Quantum 4 (Heated Couch/chairlift) and came down Vortex. It skied great, the steeps had plenty of snow.

Back on the the main mountain I skied through the Whistler glade, more snow than I expected! Next run was upper and lower World cup. What an amazing difference on a powder day!

Would love to have done a few more runs but, I was tired and the knees said "Stop if you want to ski the rest of the season!"

Not bad at all for this time of year!

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