Okemo 2/20/16


We had skipped out on skiing last weekend which I find to be a mistake because I find my legs lose ski memory really fast. *So to get our legs back into skiing before arriving in Colorado we decided to ski Okemo. *There was a bout and inch or two of new snow at Okemo when we arrived around 9:30. *The temp was already at 35 degrees and the high going to 45.*

Our first runs were aimed at getting to Jackson Gore, but going via North Star was not happening. *Rather we skied from the Black Ridge and Green Ridge chairs over to Jackson Gore. *Every time we go to Okemo, we never learn - the lines at JG are always long. There are a couple of bump runs on that side but we passed since we waited forever to get out of JG. *Then there is the way out of JG where you have to go through a two way bridge then down Mountain Road which was loaded with beginners snow plowing all over the place. *We bailed at the first opportunity and ended at the base of the Solitude chair where we lapped that lift a couple times. *

On our last run down, hunger set in and we headed into the lodge at that lift. *Well there really is not a bar option there. *More like a cafe and what looked like a fine dinning restaurant. *There is a small bar there but that's it. *We had a beverage before heading back to the main lodge.

The next run down Express lane>rt 103>Upper Arrow and we arrived at Sels choice. *Something I have never seen before a warning of moguls ahead which made me laugh. *Heading down that trail the bumps we also laughable. My family was getting sick of lift rides. *We did finally eat at the *Okemo Main Lodge.

I was getting tired of not skiing much and I promised that we will stick to an area and make some runs. *Once again avoiding the North Star lift we took Sachem and Glades Peak lifts and we finally lapped the South Face lift skiing on Stump Jumper, Punch Line and *Wild Thing. * Before heading back on Rim Rock to lap Sachem for a couple final runs on Lower World Cup.

Overall it was a strange day. *Conditions in the morning were packed powder that had a glassy surface that was slippery and while it carved well on flats it skied funny. *By noon it softened to spring like conditions where slopes with more grade skied well enough but dips and flats stalled. *We have never skied Okemo on a Saturday and now I know why. *The lifts with bubble chairs had lift lines that we crazy and the longest we have experienced this season. *One th ink I found odd was the lack of skiers on black trails which is fine my me. *Their black trails are like blue trails at other larger ski areas IMO. *My wife kept mentioning that on each run. *The warning sign for moguls was also kind of funny.

It was an ok day but I think we are done with Okemo for a while.

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