Okemo 3/2/16

Every year I manage to get one ski day with my sibling and a long time family friend. We all live in New England but different states and due to work, kids, etc. it is hard to get a day on the calendar without a lot of planning. We usually aim for first week in March knowing that if the weather is bad we likely can't reschedule. Today was our day and with rain in the forecast with gusty winds the night before and early morning today it didn't look promising but we decided to go for it.

It was wet and cloudy at nine but as the day went on the skies at least partially cleared and it was mostly sunny by the end of the day. Wind was very noticeable on the six pack but the Jackson quad was calm. Given the weather conditions were variable. Trail conditions varied from wet sloppy snow to patches of boilerplate. Frozen corduroy was the most common though. As the day went on and temps dropped it got firmer and firmer. Overall Jackson Gore had the best conditions and we really enjoyed our runs over there.

I don't frequent Okemo and I was impressed with the depth of the base on many of the trails this season. Even with some areas closed due to the weather they still had a lot open today and zero crowds. Overall it was not an A+ weather or conditions day but this season has affirmed my approach of just going out and making the best of it. The three of us had a good day despite the less than ideal conditions. My sister is a blue boarder and she really loved Okemo. It is easy for some (including me) to not give Okemo enough for credit for really getting their target audience and delivering well to them. It is a great place to meander around on with no specific plan or agenda for an intermediate skier, family, etc.
Gray and wet to start.
Blue and drier later in the day.
Good trail coverage.
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