Okemo- 3/8/13

Weather: Cloudy to start, Brilliant Sunshine late morning, Partly cloudy to end the day
Conditions: Soft/ Packed Powder

First off, I believe Okemo gets a terrible rap here. Yes, it may be crowded, but it provides a great cruiser product. I have never had a bad experience here, and when I want to lay down some serious trenches, I can do it here.

The Report:

I met my Dad at the Clock Tower at 830 and we proceeded to boot up and board the waste of time quads at the base around 845. This was his 4th time at Okemo this year and my 2nd.

The line at the Northstar was beginning to brew and it was a solid 7-8 minute wait to load. Okemo does have long lift lines, but if you know which lifts to ski, those lines can be averted, A perfect example of this is the Glades Peak Quad. Over the course of the morning, we got our feet under ourselves on the left-hand side of the mountain; however after one disaster wait at South Face, we were perfectly content to ski Glades Peak and its overlooked trail pod. Fall-line is a wonderful cruiser with solid pitch and It was on this run that I felt I had accomplished my mission. I came to Okemo to relax with my father and rip some cruisers, and Fall-line brought some exceptional cruising.

After tearing up Fall-line twice, we ventured into Outrage where some interesting conditions greeted us. Rocks and stumps were scarce, but when they showed up, they came in bunches, making the thin "glade" almost impassible at two points. I took a solid coreshot launching off the 5-7 foot boulder in the more heavily wooded section, landing right on a small stump. Ouch

From Glades Peak we traversed to Green Ridge. Timberline was amazing, almost empty with great conditions. Sapphire and Tomahawk lived up to their reputations as well. The Triple, similar to Glades Peak, had no line whatsoever and we should have stayed there for longer, but we dumbly exited Tomahawk and cruised down Heavens Gate/ Screamin' Demon into Solitude. Big Mistake. Solitude, although the trails were prime for some high speed GS turns, was a crowded disaster. We got the hell out of there.

Jackson Gore was very crowded but Black Hole was solid, as was Rolling Thunder (My favorite trail at Okemo). The bumps were soft and forgiving and cover was OK, considering the lack of snow. The outcroppings on Rolling Thunder are a blast to launch off of! One annoying thing was the line (big surprise). The newb masses were having considerable troubles getting on and off the Jackson Gore lift (I thought an express was easy to get on!) and one wait consisted of SIX lift stoppages!

By 1:00, we had clocked in 14 runs and headed in to Epic for lunch. For the rest of the day, we attacked the bumps on Sel's, Ledges and Black Out. They were all very trenched out and it was hard to get into a rhythm, nonetheless, it was a change of pace.

We were done at 3:00, amassing 20 runs on the dot. It sure was good to ski with Dad again, considering I hadn't seen him in a while. All in all, I asked for quality cruising, and Okemo delivered, time to save my legs for MRG next weekend!

A Note:

Stay away from Okemo's new glades! They Suck! Okemo doesn't do a good job cutting glades nowadays and their "Blue Square" glades Tree Dancer and Everglade are terrible and even harder to ski than say Black Hole. They get incredibly ski out because they are cut so thin (there are literally two lines to take) and these skied out areas from these awful trenches that are impossible to slow down in. There are often stumps in these trenches, a great way to wreck you skis. Ugh, stay away.

The blue square rating is so misleading, honestly some intermediate is gonna die in there because he/she'll be way over his head (And they call Wild Thing a diamond WTF. They gotta stay consistent with their trail rating.) I saw some kid getting carted out of Everglade because of this.

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