Otis Mountain 3/7/15 ADK Skifest (back country ski equipment demo)

2014 was the first time I heard of this BC equipment demo event (it's more than that, there're several guided BC tours in the Keene Valley area, and some film/art show etc. http://www.mountaineer.com/ski-fest) But it rained last year so I waited with baited breath for this year. Forecast was showing a nice warm 20+ degree day. What luck!

It's a 4 hr drive each way. I would have never done that as a day trip if it's just a ski day. But I've been hoping to check out the various BC setup/system to make a decision on which way to go. This is one of the relatively few ones that has both tele and AT equipment for people to try on.

And being a relatively new event and still unknown outside of the ADK area. I figure I may have better chance of getting the demo without too much waiting around.

Side note, 2 hr into my 4 hr drive up, my car's check engine light came on and the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree! :( (fortunately all yellow not red) I've had that happened once before and the dealer advised I could still drive it. Still, continuing another 2 hr away from home with a risk of being stranded 4 hr from home was a very discomforting thought. But I had such a high hope to hit this demo that I just ignore that voice of sanity in my head and soldiered on! ;)


If you're like me, you probably never heard of Otis Mountain, never mind skied it.

The single rope tow was...terrifyingly fast! Although I learned on rope tows, this one look scary fast. I decided to swallow my pride and ask the liftie for a quick refresher on how to safely use this contraption. His first advice? Put my nice new mitten back in the car and go to that bucket to get myself a pair of old, beat up work gloves! :D

Off I went, a flying start on the rope tow and before I know it, I was at the end of the tow and off-loaded into a tiny clearing in the trees!

Only I was on a pair of tele boots with no fixed heels and I don't know how to tele!!! :dontknow:

(to be continued)

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