Pats Peak 01/03/2015

Pats Peak

Conditions: MM, some ice/scraped off spots.

Trip Report:

This was the first Ride and Ski NE event of the season (2 fer day). From a skiing perspective, Pats Peak did a great job covering all the ice they had earlier in the week. Everything skied really well. As usual, we skied everything that was blue or black and even then we stayed with Cyclone, Tornado and FIS for the most part. Twister, while open, had whales that were hard and not fun to ski and well as lightly covered grassy spots. Not quite sure why they did not push that snow around before the weekend. The only run that I did not care for was Hurricane because it was pretty scrapped off. I had been watching people all day on that trail and never saw one person make it down without issue. I tried later in the day and while the bumps had like a hard Styrofoam feel to them and it was possible to get an edge most of the time, the bumps were unpredictable to me. I was able to determine that I am more of a soft bump/ spring bump person. Cascade Basin was opened around 10 am and we made a few runs there too and skied the new run on that side which is pretty boring. I do not feel that Cascade Basin has much to offer besides getting away from the main area. We also made a few runs through the park with the kids and found it nicely setup. There were a boat load of people in the lodge and lots of cars in the parking lot, however, there was never technically a lift line.

The highlight of the day was seeing so many friends that are part of the Ride and Ski events and having my siblings and their families there too! As always the Apres Ski Party was a hoot! The band was pretty good, the beer flowed well and often and overall the day was a great one!

Looking forward to the Sugarbush Ride and Ski NE event this coming weekend!

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