Pats Peak 1/5

Headed up to Pats today on a free voucher I got through buying a 6 game pack to the NH Fisher Cats 2014 season.
Hadn't been to Pats skiing since probably has really gotten a lot more built up and crowded than I remember.
Got to lot about 845 and it was already slammed....didn't wanna deal with the lodge so just booted up at truck.
Waited in a 5 min line for tickets which I'm not used to....had worries the lifts and trails would be packed.
Pleasantly surprised it was basically ski on for 3 hour's......lapped the vortex chair. Twister and tornado were my favorites today.....bumps on hurricane were mix of chalky and icy and weren't very fun.
At 10 cascade basin opened so I ran that 4 times before it got busy and I had no use for lines being solo.
Initial impressions of cascade is that it is pretty boring intermedite/beginner terrain but it vets the sun so is worth a few runs.
Seems there is some potential to add a slightly steeper trail or glade just above the lift terminal looking left on the lift.
Back to the main face and banged out another 6-8 runs and called it a good morning.
Snow was a nice lsgr/pp mix for the most part......race on FIS so lotta parents which contributed to the busy parking lots.
I had a good morning.....pats skis smaller than crotched, whaleback and gunstock among hills within 70 mins from me. I bet it's fun on a powder day/night when u can take most advantage of the steeper trails.

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