Pats Peak 2/9/13

Past Peak - Feb 9th 2013

Since Nemo was still churning snow that morning, we decided to stay local and experience Pats Peak in a way we have never before (un-groomed). Pats Peak is literally a 20 minute drive and the closest resort per se and it was a 2 for 1 Ride and Ski tour stop – so the price was right.

So, we skied Pats on the 9th and the conditions were crazy - lots of powder. Generally skied down Tornado, Cyclone, Twister, and FIS and a few runs on Duster. The snow that fell the previous day and overnight seem to have two layers, one that was denser and more crystallized and the second layer being loose and fluffy. Unfortunately, it was windy and much of the fun powder got blown into the woods. What was left, was a thicker powder that actually was quite a bit of work to ski on (still fun though). The earlier runs were nice since the snow was not tracked up yet, however, by mid afternoon, the snow was cut up and many of the trails were bumping out. Effectively, we went from carving up powder to bump skiing later on, particularly on the bottom section for FIS. In any case, we always ski those specific runs mentioned earlier because they are fast and fun to ski but the fun does not last long. Skiing anything else that day was nearly impossible due to the winds! Technically Twister and FIS became out go to trails because they were direct to the Vortex Double as compared to Tornado and Cyclone which required skiing down Squall Line (the most despised trails at Pat’s).

Our kids on the other hand stayed in the Terrain Park (Turbulance Park) and had lots of fun with it! They also tried their hand at tubing but the lift was not operating so it required hiking up or using the magic carpet on Gusty! Unfortunately the kids lost track of time and got busted for snowboarding past 4:30 which is when POP starts – Pats Peak’s FUN SQUAD came over a talked to us to talk about them buying a night skiing lift ticket since they made a few extra runs.

The Sled Pud – due to the storm – was not as packed as normal for a Saturday. I have to say I did nto mind! The band was awesome and as usual the Ride and Ski Apres Ski party was entertaining as always!

The only real problem I have with Pats Peak is the speed of the chairs and Squall Line! Go to Crotched Mountain one time, experience the Rocket and you will see what I mean! As far as Squall Line, I wish they could change the grade of that trail by a little so it would run out a little better. However, I also realize that they are not trying to be a big mountain - they are a feeder mountain where people learn and then experience more altitude elsewhere. They are a local resort that is well organized and they have many programs going with corporate racing, learn to ski/snowboard programs with schools, and the normal ski area services as well to name a few. I do have to say the Sled Pub is a lot of fun and the food is great too!

BTW, every time I ski there I feel like I am trapped in the WII game called WE SKI!

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