Pat’s Peak, skin and ski-Superbowl Sunday, 02-07-16

For the first time this season I skied back to back days, a skin and ski at Pat’s Peak again on Superbowl Sunday for day five. It was 19 degrees with perfectly clear blue skies after a 36 mile, 31 minute drive that put me in the Route 114 shuttle bus parking lot at 9am. I boarded a waiting bus and in just minutes I was dropped off at the steps to the base lodge. This saved me the aggravation of parking and walking through a jammed packed and muddy parking lot at the base. I began my skin up on the same route that I had taken last Sunday and reached the top in 50 minutes, about 10 minutes faster than a week ago. I rested on top for 20 minutes and skied back to the base. The mountain picked up a good 4 inches of snow on Friday and it had been groomed and packed perfectly making for some real smooth and easy skiing. I sat in the bright sun light on the deck of the base lodge with temperatures now reaching about 40 degrees. Pat’s Peak has two designated uphill routes, the outer most trails on either side. I did another skin up, this time on the other route which is less steep and only goes about half way up the mountain. At the top of both sides, on the way up and while I was sitting on the deck, several people inquired about the AT ski set-up and how it worked, showing interest in this approach to the sport. I had a 20 ounce PBR at the Sled Pub and then headed home to watch the Superbowl. My wife will be joining me on the next stop of the ski tour. We are very excited.