Pico 2/18

Feb 18 Presidents’ Day.

1-2” at start, 3-4” by 1pm and still snowing. Groomers outstanding with natural trails a bit firm under neath but building snow totals helped a lot. Very mellow crowd - ski on all day. Loved The Outpost with its old, lattice tower double and mostly natural trails and woods. Bit of a Magic feel to it. Explored a few woods but with plenty of mini pow shots on the trails stayed mostly on trail. Strange to put “retro” and “HSQ” in the same sentence but yes the two HSQ seem retro compared to the new modern ones. The chairs (Yan?) with no foot rest safety bars could be a reason why, but even the towers seemed different.

Daughter had a race and we bailed afterward. Still snowing so maybe they end up with 5”?

Love the Pico vibe - as someone who frequents Bromley and Magic it felt very similar, just a bit bigger. I was there Saturday of MLK weekend and crowds also light so a great holiday weekend alternative. Amazing that more don’t take advantage.

Couple of Pics: HSQ and old double, empty with barely a track made below it.



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