Pico, 3/2/14

We left Albany at 6:30 and arrived to Pico around 8:20. Love this place, mellow and rarely crowded.

Weather was about 24 degrees in the morning and dropped to about 16 throughout the day, but there was no wind at all, so it was very comfortable in my opinion. Conditions were hard pack with some loose crud on top, the steeper slopes were scraped off by 2:30 or so, but still skiable. Upper Giant Killer was glare ice at the top but the lower 3/4 was excellent with semi soft moguls. We did some mid mountain glades, not that steep but they are a blast to ski. Coverage in the woods was surprisingly good. Not too much ice and very carvable snow. Runs of the day were The Giant Killers, A-Slope, Sidewinder and the couple of glades. Plenty of bumps everywhere, the groomed terrain was also great, very fast but easy to ski. Everyone was making fast GS turns today.

This place fared incredibly well after the warm temps and refreeze. I hope to make it here one more day this season. Here are some pics.




Sidewinder I believe

Upper Ka

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