Pico – Feb 7 2015 powder!

Pico was beyond excellent today. Went up with Dad and my girl Patricia. Also a couple of Patricia's friends from Puerto Rico came up and had first time lessons.

Got there nice and early and did Sunset Woods first run. Hero snow on the trails into PP with lots of pow stashes in the woods. This was some of the finest snow I remember skiing in recent history. My game was totally on point today -- made up for last week's mediocre showing at Magic big time -- I'll tell you the remarkable surface at Pico today brought out the best in me and I had a blast charging through entire woods, grabbing air here and there, working the flotation. Poma Woods had so much fresh. I'm not normally a vocal guy when skiing but WOO-HOO!! was the word of the day.

Everything was excellent. My girl is progressing at a remarkable pace from only skiing her 1st woods at Mt Snow like a month ago to now she skis ALL WOODS. Maybe not all but close. Keeps a decent pace too, I'm gonna have to get this girl some decent skis next season.

That's all. Great skiing up there right now only gonna get better! Go February!

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