Pico – March 2 2013 – First time skiing there

First time at Pico ever. My father wanted to go and he's been itching to ski Pico for some reason, and I was vaguely curious myself, so we got up there relatively early.

First impressions were that this is a nice mountain, nice lodge, focused clearly on skiing and not much other bullcrap. So far, so good.

Took a lift up. Guess it only went halfway up. Okay, skiied over to the main lift. Now we're at the top. Cloudy and low visibility.

Conditions were packed P in most places and a few slick areas on a couple trails but 90% packed P.

I enjoyed the layout of Pico quite a bit, even though it was not the most convenient to get from one area to another, the trails themselves were conceived creatively and use the natural flow of the mountain to create diverse terrain.

Upper Giant Killer is probably their steepest trail. It was skied by us. I found it to have nice soft moguls all the way. A couple dirt patches but 99% great snow.

Best trail of the day was Upper Glade or East Glade or whatever it's called. Basically a long bump run off the top all the way to the right. Awesome trail / zone with multiple narrow trail sections creating many possible ways down. These bumps were excellent and I skied them excellently. Best bump skiing I've done all season and I was thrilled at both the conditions, the unique terrain, and my performance. Great combination of happiness.

There are some good woods at Pico, although nothing extremely long or with extreme difficulty. The best one is probably "Doozie" which is in a smaller trail pod of the mountain, but also a really fun area. Definitely go ski over there in that steeper area to the right. Doozie is an awesome woods zone, there are some jumps in there, and lots of interesting natural features including sort of a coulior entrance.

Birch Woods were also a lot of fun. Sunset Woods were also great. These 2 woods were sort of low angle or medium angle I should say, and well spaced enough that you could really ski them fast with the feeling that you were really dodging some trees at high speed. The snow was great in there.

Overall I have to say next time I go to that area I might be torn between Pico and Killington. Pico is cheaper, way less crowds, and has some really fun terrain.

Then again after 1 day at Pico I felt like I had skiied it all and some things several times. I had not skiied it all in reality, but I had skiied all the "difficult terrain" and was therefore satisfied with my journey. Killington certain offers more variety and also more difficult woods.

Anyway great day out I will see if I can post a video of the Birch Woods soon. peace

BTW Pico reminded me of Mt Ellen somewhat in terms of size and how long it takes to explore the terrain there. Mt Ellen has somewhat more difficult terrain and woods but I still think it's a good comparison in many ways.

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