Pico Opening Day 12/13/14

After a long hiatus from skiing Pico I went at the end of last season and fell back in love with the place. So this year I purchased a season pass. Eager to break in the pass I headed up for opening day today and skied from open to right around 1 pm. Crowds were manageable but the place was far from empty. Once you got away from the Golden Express lines were no more than a few chairs. Even later in the morning outside of the Golden Express area the mountain felt uncrowded.

Overall temps were in the high 20s and the wind was not bad at all. Visibility was poor particularly on the top half of the mountain. A lot of the mountain was open. Skiing could be had off of the summit (KA was pretty good), Outpost, and the Golden Summit area. I thought the Outpost area had the best overall conditions since the visibility was not an issue and coverage was very good. Sidewinder while short was a lot of fun today and I took several laps on it. They were making snow on 49er but with the low visibility plus the snow making made most people skip it.

Photo is looking up on Summit Glades West.

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