Plattekill 1/29/14

Date(s) Skied: Wednesday, 1/29/14

Resort or Ski Area: Plattekill

Conditions: groomed packed powder, mostly

Trip Report: A buddy and I headed up to Platty to take advantage of the $20 skier appreciation days going on this week. We rolled in a little after 9 and had a rough time finding parking near the lodge.


The lot probably didn't have more than 20 cars in it the whole day. Lifts were ski on, as would be expected.

Both chairs were spinning. The only trail available off the double was Northface. The part of the trail that received snow making was groomed and nice and fast. The side away from the guns had a few inches on it, probably drift from the guns and some of the 2 inches they reported while they were closed Monday and Tuesday. Snow making was under way under the chair on Plunge.

Off of the triple you can access the Upper Face, and Blockbuster via Buckle up. There was a sign at the start of Buckle up that you would need to walk to Blockbuster, but we took the risk and were well rewarded. Buckle up was thin, but no walking required. The upper portion of Blockbuster was ungroomed and was mostly a few inches of soft snow on a very firm base. The best part of the trail was the edge of the man made snow. It caught the natural snow that had fallen and allowed it to pile up a bit. Best run on the whole mountain. Plus the sign at the start kept the few other people there off the trail.

Top of Blockbuster

Sundown and Powder puff, a blue and green, were also open off the triple. Both had plenty of coverage and were groomed.

All and all a great day at a great mountain. Not much open, but the runs that were open skied really well. No ice to be found and the trials where they made snow had plenty of coverage. Venture off the man made at your own risk. But remember, no risk, no reward. That said, the trees have a ways to go before they are skiable.
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